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Musk Al Hambra

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Musk Al Hambra is a premium version of the popular Musk Tahara/Abiyad/Jism. It perfectly captures the aura of living in the Andalus region of Spain during the reign of the Muslim empire. The familiar white musk scent is aptly complemented and further accentuated by the floral as well as citrusy notes.

If you are a fan of White Musk then we are absolutely sure you will enjoy having this in your collection, possibly even replacing other musk fragrances!

Musk Al Hambra is a fully concentrated, undiluted perfume and will last all day on the skin and even longer if applied onto clothing. Available only in stick based application due to its thick nature. Fully imported from France.


Bergamot & Lemon


Cashmeran Wood & Lily


White Musk

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