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A plummy/fruity top note - this sums up our latest limited edition oil. As usual it is fully distilled in our copper boiler/glass condenser combination distiller. The dark green tint is native to oils derived from the malaccensis species.

This particular tree was found in in the vicinity of a dam area in the north east of the Malaysian Peninsula. Those familiar with the country may be able to guess its location. The plum/tropical fruit note is signature to trees found in this area. 4-5 hours in (on the skin) and it begins to reveal its true woody identity. No problems for this oil to last all day long.

The tree was estimated to be about 40 years old and the oil has been aged for 2 years.

It comes in an exclusive crystal bottle for those ordering the 3ml variant. We would like to remind our dear customers that this particular batch is extremely limited so as usual, once it is gone...IT IS GONE!

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  • Asalamu alykum The limited edition oil is from wild wood or cultivated?

    Salaam, all oils listed in this section are derived from natural trees in the forest hence the limited availability. Thank you.