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In keeping with the spirit of GK1 we present to you PKP. The wood chips used to distill this oil come from a group of trees located in the north eastern state of Kelantan, Malaysia - not entirely far from where GK1 was born. The jungle in the area was medium dense with some parts completely cleared due to logging.

The top note is grassy/milky which completely thrilled us as this was the first time we achieved such results with the copper boiler. It emanates a soothing scent of freshly cut grass. The dark green tint is signature to the Aquilaria Malaccensis species dominant in that area. Despite that, it manages to present a plummy base note which is more common to the trees of Crassna/Thai variants. The strong woody base is still present but it takes at least 4 hours on the skin to reveal itself. The whole spectrum should last a day on the skin depending on the weather.

The oil was distilled at the end of July 2017. A video of the process is available on our Instagram, just scroll down to that date. It has been sitting in our dark cupboard since August 2017 so it is only a few months away from being 4 years old.

As with previous limited edition oils, the stock is limited and once it is finished -IT'S GONE.

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